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The Class of 2023 Moto2 is a paddock full of dedicated individuals who exemplify the spirit of extreme training, determination, persistence, and, of course, the old adage that "rubbing is racing"! 

fobia profile 002.jpg

Moto2 Champ

#54 - italtrans racing team

Fobia finished in the 6th spot of the pre-season qualifiers and elected to take the reigning Moto2 Champions team bike. 

He hopes the team is able to help catapult him to the top step of the podium and take his inaugural Championship win in the Moto2 class!

Watch for him to get his elbows out anytime he's around Fastrog, his obvious rival this year.

1st runner up

#12 - correos Prepago yamaha mastercamp

This Aussie bloke likes to call himself the King of Phillip Island but, we all know better. Nightcrawl did, however, establish himself as a force to be reckoned with as he takes the 3rd spot from the pre-season qualifiers. In a strange move he chose, arguably, the ugliest bike on the grid.


Adorned with custom helmet and number he looks to be the flashiest bike on track, he won't be hard to miss. His pace is hot, look for him to try to break away at the front and fall into TT mode. 

nightcrawl profile 002.jpg
onehanded profile 001.jpg

2nd runner up

#78 - Forward Team

Onehanded is the league favorite in Moto2 racing. He has been setting the pace in the Moto2 grid with his trademark high-speed, precision racing. His pre-season qualifiers saw him finish 1st, and he's been training hard to keep up the momentum and stay ahead of the competition.

Onehanded is passionate about pushing himself and others to be the best racers out there. Follow him on his journey to greatness!

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