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Introducing the MotoGP Class of 2023 – the perfect blend of youthful energy and seasoned experience. Featuring a blend of some new faces and some hardened veterans, the grid is ready to take on the competition with all the grit, tenacity, skill and consistency needed to determine a victor.

Biaggi US Profile 003.jpg


evan - california
#28 - red bull ktm
MotoGp champ 2024

BlackBiaggi continued his strong push into the new season by finishing 1st in the pre-season qualifiers. Biaggi set the fastest time against 30 of his peers allowing him the option to select his team first going into the season. He is determined to fight for the top step this season against the likes of some very strong competition in the SERL US-GP Class.


ryan - california
#42 - Aprilia racing
motogp 1st runner up

Ryan has made an immediate mark on the SERL paddock. In 2022 he joined the league and struggled immensely. In 2023 he fights for the top step. Finishing the pre-season qualifiers in 3rd, he was able to secure the bike he hated at the beginning of his career. A bike in which he aims to dominate his competitors on. Keep your eyes open for some action packed racing!

rumham profile 003.jpg
MotoGP™23 (10).png


justin - texas
#23 - aprilia racing
motogp2nd runner up

Swaggon finished the pre-season qualifiers in 6th place giving himself a pick of the litter on bikes available. He chose to pair up with Ryan to take the fight to the Lenovo Ducati team riders. His pace has become electric leading since the qualifiers and we expect him to pounce on any mistake in front of him. Watch out for podiums from him!

rumham profile 003.jpg


aprilia racing

ryan - california #42
justin - texas

The Noale factory Aprilia Racing team absolutely blitzed the field throughout the 2023 season. This is the best showing from an Aprilia team in SERL History with a combined 745 points. Their closest competitors accumulated a combined 664 points(Red Bull KTM). We look forward to seeing what they are capable of next season and whether or not they remain on the same team!

MotoGP™23 (10).png
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